Lisa Spiegl

Lisa Spiegel, MA, LMHC

Lisa Spiegel received her BA from Vassar College, and has a Master's degree in Developmental Psychology from Columbia University. From her three decades of working with adults and children she has developed an approach that draws from an eclectic array of disciplines - talk therapy, trauma work, yoga, mindfulness, and parent coaching. Her post-graduate education includes certification in Internal Family Systems Therapy, LifeForce Yoga®, and couples counseling from the Relational Life Institute. Lisa is a Level III trained EMDR practitioner and has used this modality since 2000. She is the author of Internal Family Systems Therapy with Children, published in 2017, and is the co-author with Jean Kunhardt and Sandra K. Basile of A Mother’s Circle. She founded and maintains Soho Parenting's Louisiana Project, which began after Hurricane Katrina and continues to serve children in Bayou Blue, Louisiana. In her free time, Lisa is active in political causes and enjoys yoga, needlework, being in nature, and spending time with her adult daughters and their families.


Jean Kunhardt, MA, LMHC

Jean Kunhardt has her graduate degrees in Early Childhood and Special Education from Bank Street College. Jean combines her training and experience with her pragmatic and supportive style to provide invaluable guidance to adults, couples, and families. She has continued her post-graduate education in EMDR, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and couples’ counseling at the Relational Life Institute. Jean leads parenting support groups for families and their children from infancy through the college years. She is an expert in children’s sleep and provides individual psychotherapy as a trained trauma therapist. She welcomes extended family members into the the treatment to offer a comprehensive healing experience. Jean has helped thousands of families regain balance in their lives. She and her sister, Sandra, co-author of A Mother’s Circle, are the granddaughters of Dorothy Kunhardt, the author of the beloved children's book, Pat the Bunny. She is a proud mother and grandmother, a knitter, and sings in a bedside chorus at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital.