Young Adults

Navigating the challenges and possibilities of life in your twenties can sometimes be daunting. Career choices, sexual and romantic partnerships, financial responsibilities and achieving more independence from your family are complicated processes at best. Since we are living in an era of increased anxiety and pressure these milestones are even more complex. Psychotherapy gives you the tools for managing the stresses of life, deepens your self-knowledge, and helps you craft the life you want.

I really rely on that one hour a week when I can slow down and sort out the difference between what I think I should be doing and what I really want in my life.
— Leanna, age 25


Individual psychotherapy can help you to understand the emotional and behavioral patterns that show up in your work life, friendships, and romantic partnerships. Some of these dynamics may be getting in the way of how you want to live your life. Through the process of therapy, you gain insight into the origins of these patterns, heal from past pain and develop a greater sense of self-compassion. Individual psychotherapy also addresses issues of anxiety and depression which are so prevalent today.

Therapy has really helped me- not to only to understand myself better- but to actually like the person I am.
— Garret, age 41

Couples’ Therapy

Many couples wait too long to get help or have found traditional couples’ therapy lacking. Marital therapy at Soho Parenting is based on the teachings of the Relational Life Institute and informed by the philosophy of the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy. Couples in therapy come to understand the emotional triggers that create distance and resentment. Partners learn honest, direct, and compassionate communication skills which can lead to a more loving connection and a deeper understanding of each themselves and each other.

We were in such a bad place. There was so much resentment and fighting in front of the kids. We tried couples counseling before and it just seemed like we kept going in circles. Doing the couples work at Soho has been a radically different experience for us. Finally a therapist who calls it like she sees it and gives us real tools and rules to help us with our communication!
— Hillary, mother of Ariel and Henry, ages 11 and 14

Family Therapy

Some of the most rewarding work we do here at Soho Parenting is with adults and their families of origin. Intergenerational family therapy can make dramatic and long-lasting changes in relationships between family members. The therapist acts as mediator and guide, and with compassion and humor, can facilitate the kind of respectful speaking and listening that is necessary for change in these adult relationships.

I’ve got to hand it to my parents—even in their seventies they agreed to come in discuss some things that have been problems for decades. We really made some headway and I feel closer to them.
— Sasha, daughter of Al and Estelle, ages 75 and 73