Internal Family Systems Therapy with Children

Internal Family Systems Therapy with Children is an immensely readable exploration of children’s inner life and how to help when emotional or behavioral issues arise. The weaving together of theory, step-by-step instruction, and case material gives therapists and parents alike, a clear roadmap for understanding and utilizing the healing power of this modality. In addition, any IFS therapist, even one who works with adults, will deepen their understanding of the theory and practice of Internal Family Systems by reading how it is practiced with children. This book also covers the use of IFS in parent guidance, an important aspect of any therapeutic work with families or adult individuals with children. The poignant and humorous vignettes of children's therapy along with their IFS artwork make it an enjoyable and informative read.

Enter Lisa Spiegel. She has over 30 years of experience working with children and has studied and practiced IFS since 2010. She sent me [her] manuscript and I was elated. Not only are her case examples true to IFS theory and technique, they are captivating. This book is an important contribution not only to the growing literature on IFS, but to the field of child therapy in general. I’m very grateful.
— Richard C. Schwartz, PhD
developer of Internal Family Systems Therapy; faculty, Harvard Medical School
Internal Family Systems and children go together like PB & J. Children naturally take to the imagination, play, honesty, and heart of this method. And no voice could be better suited to guide us than that of Lisa Spiegel, a gifted clinician, teacher, and storyteller. With warmth, humor, and deep compassion, she has written the definitive text on the subject. A must read for anyone working with either IFS or with children.
— Terry Real
author, The New Rules of Marriage

A Mother’s Circle

Written in the reassuring voice of Soho Parenting, A Mother's Circle: An Intimate Dialogue on Becoming a Mother, takes an honest look at the first year of motherhood through the thoughts, feelings and experiences of nine mothers and their counselors in one of Soho Parenting's Mother's Circle support groups. What results is a combination of psychological insights, sensitive suggestions, unconditional support, and practical advice on how to cope with the challenges of being a new mom.

I love it! I think it the most realistic and helpful book available for new moms.
— Diane Debrovner Editor, Parents Magazine
This book brings the comforting advice of Soho Parenting right into your living room. It’s the only book I’ve read that helped me both care for my baby and understand myself as a new mother.
— Sarah Jessica Parker, actor and mother