Couples’ Therapy

Many couples wait too long to get help or have found traditional couples therapy lacking. Marital therapy at Soho Parenting is based on the teachings of the Relational Life Institute and informed by the philosophy of the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy. Couples in therapy can come to understand the emotional triggers that create distance and resentment. Therapy can teach honest, direct, and compassionate communication to restore a loving connection between partners and a deeper understanding of each other.

Having the kids changed our relationship so much and we really drifted into two separate worlds. In therapy we learned how to reconnect and prioritize our marriage. It was a huge investment in our relationship.
— Claudia, mother of Sage and Sarah, ages 9 and 12

Separation and Divorce

Families dealing with the separation and divorce process need guidance and support to help navigate this difficult terrain. Soho Parenting provides a number of options to help this hard time go as smoothly as possible.

Supportive Counseling for Adults and Children

Divorce is a very complicated life transition. A myriad of conflicting feelings such as loss, freedom, anger, empowerment, guilt, and excitement are part and parcel of making a huge family change. Soho Parenting provides adults a forum for processing these reactions and making mindful decisions that affect the whole family. In addition, we offer play therapy for children who are struggling with understanding their parents’ divorce.

For families that are involved in a contentious divorce, therapy for children is particularly important. Our therapists provide a nurturing and safe place for a child to process the complicated situation and guidance for parents as how to minimize conflict.

Parent Coordination

An objective child development professional is a useful resource in making decisions for your children during separation and divorce. A parent coordinator can act as an arbiter when an agreement regarding the children is difficult to reach. A parent coordinator adds important perspective on the age-appropriate emotional needs of children and can be helpful in constructing the parenting time plan.

Our meetings at Soho helped us to make a parenting schedule that made sense for our kids. We put it right into our separation agreement.
— Mariel, mother of Drew and Nicolas, ages 4 and 2